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Alright I’ve just got a short one for you today because I’m meant to be getting ready for our trip to the US, for the second time this week. Yep, I was all set to fly out on Friday and then thanks to a series of unfortunate events we’ve been delayed until Monday morning. I’m majorly bummed that we miss three days of our trip, but I’ll just be glad to finally be on a plane.

Anyway, links for you.

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How Do You Cope With Delays On Your Financial Journey?

Sleeping at AirportAs I write this I’m sitting at Melbourne Airport, waiting for a flight – any flight – to get us to Sydney for our connecting international flight. Unfortunately, due to a power outage at Sydney Airport, it looks like we’ll be missing our connecting international flight.

Travel is such a great way to see what a person is really like, particularly when things aren’t going as planned. As it is, I’ve never taken a trip that hasn’t had some kind of delay or hiccup. And something about being away from home heightens the emotions that you feel at these times. Being able to manage problems without completely losing your sh*t or getting frustrated is an important skill.

Right now I’m surrounded by people in the same situation as me, but all are reacting quite differently. There’s the couple hassling the service desk staff every five minutes for updates. There’s the girl frantically trying to find another flight somewhere else in Australia to connect to. And then there’s the travellers waiting patiently for any update.

My feeling is that if you can’t change things (and really, it’s not like I can get on a plane and fly it myself), then you just need to ride the wave and trust that things will work out in the end. My flight can be rebooked and I can get another one tomorrow. I know that a one-day delay on my trip, although disappointing, isn’t the end of the world.

So what does this have to do with money?

Actually, a lot. Think of the times when money has caused you stress. Was it making a rash purchase which you later regretted? Or feeling overwhelmed by your debt? Or it may even have been receiving a lot of money (plenty of lottery winners report being more stressed after their win)?

How did you react to it? If you got angry and frustrated at something or someone else, then that probably didn’t fix the situation. Nor did constantly thinking about it every five minutes.

 So what should you do?

Take a breath. Acknowledge that you are feeling frustrated. Then consider what action you can take that will change actually the situation. If there’s something you can do to improve how you’re feeling, then do it. Otherwise, as hard as it may be, you need to just trust that things will work out in the end.

If it sets you back a day or two, or even more, on your journey to reaching your goals then so be it. Even the most experienced travellers will stumble on the way up the mountain.

Have you ever had to face an unexpected delay while traveling? How did you cope?

Image source: BriceFR/Flickr