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Hello friend,

Thanks for stopping by this here blog. I know how busy you are watching Friends clips on YouTube and looking up cute outfits on Pinterest (I know this because I’m doing this right now too).

This is a blog about money. But it’s about more than just money. It’s about how to use money to achieve your goals.

For many people money is a pretty awkward subject to think about. It’s like your period – it’s a fact of life, but no one wants to talk about the details over dinner (sorry if you are in fact eating dinner right now).

The thing is that money does matter. In fact, it matters for just about everything we do. And as women, it’s even more important for us to get our head around managing it well.

Did you know that women still earn only 83 cents to every dollar a man earns? We also tend to save less for our retirement than men, but because we live longer we actually need to be saving more.

So I started this blog because I wanted to start talking more about money. But not just money. Also the other stuff that goes alongside money. Like your career, having a family, your relationships with your partner and friends, travel and even starting a business. Because in the end it all comes back to money.

So I’ll write about stuff like saving for retirementbuying a house and investing in shares. But then there’ll also articles on talking about money with your partner, whether there’s such thing as investment clothing, or even if you can ever justify $485 shoes.

Along the way I’ll be dissing the goss on my own money struggles and triumphs, getting some great advice from other financially-minded types, and working out what it means to be a money savvy 20(or 30-) something in this day and age.

Personal finance blog for young women

So Who Is This Woman?

My name is Nell and I started this blog in 2013 because I wanted to share my thoughts on personal finance as a young woman still trying to figure out my life. Since then I’ve quit my job to start my own business as a full-time writer/blogger for small businesses here in Melbourne. I also write for some other sites and generally gad about the internet. Oh and in my spare time (lol) I run my other business selling dance shoes around Australia.

When I’m not working you’ll probably find me jetting off overseas somewhere, or at dance training, a dance club, or performing (salsa and samba are my moves of choice).

So why the name the Million Dollar Diva?

Well mostly because one million dollars just sounds so cool.

And I use the term Diva because for me a diva is a smart, confident woman who knows what she wants and goes for it. She’s also pretty cool – the type of woman you’d love to have brunch with and laugh about that-funny-thing-that-happened-last-night. Basically she’s all my friends, rolled into one.

What’s next?

If all that stuff up there sounds like the kind of thing you’re into then I’d love to have you around. You can: