On Turning 30 & Not Caring What Other People Think

On Turning 30 and Not Caring What Other People Think


It was my birthday on Monday!

Only now am I starting to feel like I get what I’m about. I’m more confident. More sure of myself. Prepared to take less crap from others.

In the early part of my 20s I was very focused on what other people thought of me.

I chose my uni degree partly because I thought it would get me into the right kind of job (spoiler: it wasn’t the right job for me). I spent a lot of time worrying about keeping up with my peers. I almost bought a house I couldn’t afford. I worried about making Executive Level by 30 (I seriously laugh about this now).

The later part of my 20s was more about me. I moved cities at age 25, leaving behind my great job and family – so scary at the time. Tried to convince (well-meaning) people that I wasn’t throwing everything away.

I started on the path to entrepreneurship at 28. At 29 I quit my job to work fulltime for myself.

During that time I was also trying to figure out my love life (so many unsuitable boyfriends…). My friendships. Heck even my personal style.

I turned 30 on Monday, and to celebrate I died my hair pink. Okay so you may think that’s a little extreme. But I’d always wanted to do it, and it just seemed like the perfectly logical thing to do.

I’m not sure what adventures my 4th decade will bring. I’ve got a lot of work to do in 2015 to get my business where I want to be. I’ve got plans to travel more, start a family, get a dog(!). Inspire other young women to go for their dreams.

I’m definitely still learning. I still have days where I’m totally unsure about what the heck I’m doing. Days where I’d rather curl up on the couch and watch Pride and Prejudice than attend another networking event and have to talk about myself.

But (more often) there are times where I know I can totally rock this whole adulthood thing. Where I have my shit together. When I know that I will achieve the success that I want.

If getting older means becoming more sure of who I am, then bring it on!

What does getting older mean to you?

How to Actually Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Chances are you’ve got a few dreams floating around in your head that you’d one day like to turn into reality. For many people, this their Bucket List of places to visit and things to experience. It might also be that dream career you’ve been talking about since high school, or the skill you been talking about trying to master when you’ve got the time (that’d be ‘Learn Spanish’ on my To Do list).

How to Turn Your Dreams Into RealityIt’s not always realistic or even possibly to complete everything we think we might want to do one day. Other times, our dreams get replaced by new, more meaningful ones.

But if there’s some dream that you’ve had kicking around your head for ages, but you’ve not yet followed through with it, then here are some steps to take to turn that dream into reality.

Break Your Goal Down into Steps

Often we don’t go after a goal because it just seems too big and scary and we don’t know where to start. This ends up paralysing you into inaction and instead you stay put in your current situation.

So if your dream is to trek through South America for six months, think about what steps you would need to take to make that a reality. Step 1 might be ‘research route options’. Then the next step would be, ‘work out budget and set up automatic saving plan‘.

By breaking down your dream into actionable steps, it won’t seem so scary or difficult. As you knock down each step, your dream will slowly become an actual, real think that you are going to do and before you know it you’ll be on a plane for the trip of a lifetime. Awesomesauce!

Turn Your Actions Into Habits

So you have this idea that you’d like to start your own business selling your jewelry at the markets and online. But as of right now you’ve done absolutely diddly because that would involve actually setting up a website and making a bunch of necklaces.

Hey lady, #truthbomb coming at you – if you don’t make time for your dream then nothing is going to happen.

So if you want to start a business/learn another language/become the world’s best finger puppeteer then you’ve got to start working on it every single day. Schedule that time into your diary and start making it a habit.

It’ll be hard at first, but if you work on it a little bit each day, before you know it you’ll actually look forward to that time.

Give Up Those Productivity Time-Sucks

So confession time: I love, love, loooove those crime dramas on television. Law & Order, CSI, Criminal Minds – all of them.

You might not have a tele-crime obsession, but perhaps you love reading trashy magazines in the bath (hey, no judgement), or playing Minecraft (isn’t that what the cool kids are doing?).

Whatever it is, you’re going to have to do a little less of it if you want to make time for your big-hairy-goals.

That might mean no television during the week. Or devoting Saturdays to working on your goal.

But remember to treat yourself to your indulgences every now and then. ‘Cos all work and no play, and all that.

Tell me what big goals you’ve got floating around your head. Is 2015 going to be the year you make it happen?

Image source: Flickr/the aucitron