Living With Less – Where I Find Myself Caring Less About My Stuff

Lately I’ve been finding myself more overwhelmed by the things that I have around me. I’ll catch myself looking at a decoration or bit of furniture and wonder what that spot would look like if that thing wasn’t there.

It’s probably got something to do with working from home and spending so much time surrounded by our stuff. Or maybe it’s just a general reaction to spending much of my 20s acquiring things because I thought that’s what adults do.

But I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to shed some of my excess stuff in order to feel happier.

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Living With Less

Of course the idea of living with less isn’t new. There are plenty of books and blogs out there promoting the benefits of downsizing our lives in order to become happier and more fulfilled.

I’m not quite at the stage of putting all our stuff up for sale and going to live in a cave, but I am making a more conscious effort to get rid of things that don’t really make me happy (having already assured the boyfriend that he’s on the ‘keep’ list).

It started two weeks ago with a big purge of my wardrobe. I’ve pulled out around 20-30 items destined for the op-shop or to sell online (and there’s more on my hit list). At the same time, I stored away all my winter clothes.

I was inspired in particular by Project 333. Essentially, you choose 33 items of clothing (shoes, jewellery and bags included) and dress using only them for 3 months. Although I’m not following the rules to the letter (I haven’t culled my jewellery for example), this is basically what I am working towards.

I like that it really forces you to assess what clothes you really like to wear, and get rid of things from your wardrobe that don’t really work for you anymore.

I also love that it’s made me more creative about putting outfits together. I spent a very happy afternoon laying outfits on the bedroom floor and taking photos of them (#thingsIdowhenmyboyfriendisaway). And I’m using Polyvore to keep track of what I already have, and the few things I’d like to add into the mix to update my style.

And I’ve got to say, even with a small wardrobe, I’ve been feeling a lot more stylish these last couple of weeks. I haven’t struggled with deciding what to wear and I’m wearing more of my clothes more often.

This process has also meant I’m more critical about other stuff around the house. I purged a few things when my boyfriend and I moved in together, but we still have a lot of surplus, particularly in the kitchen. I’m getting really fed up with trying to cram pots into already-crammed-full drawers and I’m pretty sure we don’t need 6+ mixing bowls for the two of us.

Hmm I wonder if there’s a Project 333 version for household goods….

Have you tried to downsize your wardrobe? Or have you gone through a purge of your house?

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