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Are you feeling stressed out about your finances? Do you know that you need to get your money in order, but don’t know where to start? Confused about superannuation and insurances?

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I wrote the ebook ‘5 Steps to Rock Your Finances in Your 20s and 30s’ to help you get clarity over your situation, set some money goals and take the first steps to financial awesome-ness.

One of the biggest problems that I encounter with women is their reluctance to talk about money. Perhaps it’s because for most people, money was a taboo subject growing up. I know very few people whose parents openly discussed money topics at the dinner table. And many of us were taught that asking a person how much they made or about their financial situation is rude.

As a result, we are not comfortable with money issues or asking for help when it comes to our finances. But considering women are paid on average 17.5% less than men and as a result will likely have significantly less funds when they retire, it pays to be smart with our money.

We women have so much going for us when it comes to managing our money.  We are already great with numbers (from calculating the actual dollar saving of the 20% off on a cute pair of shoes), and take fewer risks than men when it comes to our finances. With just a little focus and inspiration, we can take control of our money and live the life we want.

I want to help you take charge of your personal situation and grow your wealth, no matter how much you are earning or how much debt you have.

This ebook is broken down into five sections, each one focused on a different area of your finances. Each section contains information and steps to help you map out your financial future and rock your finances.

Whether you are single or in a couple, an inner city diva or a surburban-ista, (yes, I made that up) this ebook can help you achieve your goals.

Yes send me the ebook!

Nell is a freelance writer and blogger living in Australia. Nell writes about personal finance at The Million Dollar Diva. For more information on her writing services, click the Hire Me page.


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