September in Review & October Goals


Freelance Blogger Writing Review Pen QuillHappy October everyone! The realisation that there are only three months to the end of the year hit me like a bullet train out of a tunnel today. I love thinking about how much I’ve achieved already this year and all the exciting things are are still to come.

September was an awesome month for me. I certainly feel like I got some traction on this blog and my freelance writing business as well. My goal for the month was to write some guest posts for other blogs and I ended up writing and submitting two. They’re here and here in case you missed them.

My other goal was to build up my writing profile. I’m currently working on my writer site and have been actively looking for freelance writing gigs. It’s early days, but I found one client during the month who loved a blog post I wrote for them and it looks like that’ll turn into a regular gig.

October Goals

Looking at my calendar for this month I can already see things are going to be a bit crazy. I’ve got a stall booked for my business at a salsa festival one weekend, and I’m hosting a fundraiser on another. I’m training in three performance teams as well. Not to mention planning a trip to India. Good thing I love being busy!

This month my goals are to submit at least two more guest posts. I love writing them and interacting with other bloggers and their readers so I want to keep up the pace on this.

I also want to land at least one ongoing writing client, and two ad hoc jobs. This’ll mean a lot of prospecting, but the more I write the more confident I become in my own skills and what I can offer clients.

What are your goals for October?

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Nell is a freelance writer and blogger living in Australia. Nell writes about personal finance at The Million Dollar Diva. For more information on her writing services, click the Hire Me page.


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    Great October goals.  My goals for October are to get ahead on the blog (writing and planning ahead posts), as well as reconcile the blog’s finances through 2013 so that I’m not pinched for time during tax season.  I also would like to go through the massive pile of documents in my “to sort” pile!

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    DC @ Young Adult Money oh good plans. I really need to get more organised on scheduling blog posts. If only I had a day off.
    And tax, yeah I should really get onto a more organised system – the receipts in a folder and transactions circled on my statements probably isn’t the greatest option.

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    Wow a trip to India will be exciting! I am trying to make a full time income out of blogging/freelance writing. It is a long slow process but I am hoping perseverance will win out! have you heard of You can build up a profile of articles/reviews which gives leads back to your blog and plus you earn money each time someone clicks on your article too. It’s not huge money in the beginning but it has potential. I probably write on average one to two articles a month and earn around $50 mark. Obviously the more you write the more you will get paid plus you can have subscribers on your profile. It is also linked to hubgarden which is more for general topic articles and recipes rather than reviews of leisure activities. It’s worth checking out.

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      You know, I applied for WeekendNotes literally a day before you posted this. I haven’t really checked it out yet, but I will now. It sounds like there is opportunity to write about places and things I was going to do anyway. Thanks for the tip!

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